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Polar Pilot Fronax - Dark Blue

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Lens Power

Bifocal Sun Glasses 

Round, Sun, Dark Blue, Bifocal, Unisex style - anti-scratch lens with soft pouch included inside the box.

The Polar penguin mainly live in the Southern Hemisphere. Their plumage is counter-shaded dark and white allowing them to perfectly adapt to water surfaces. Polar penguin spend roughly half their lives in the sea and the other half on land. "Waddling" is known as the group of penguin on land.

Keep "Waddling" and enjoy our Polar Pilot ready reading polarised sunglasses, because quality reading is a choice.

The Polar Panto Glasses are bifocal eyewear that come equipped with Polarised Sun Lens with UV 400 Sun Protection so you can enjoy sunny days without worries! Each spectacle comes with a personalised box, including a soft pouch.