About Us

Get to know Aptica

Who are we? We are a Belgian eyewear company built on two pillars; quality and design. By combining them we bring you high quality eyewear, in unique styles. Our goal is to give you ways to express your personal style through eyewear, and our design team is constantly looking for new ways to make that happen. 

Dare to look outside the box

Choosing Aptica is choosing to be different. Glasses have long stopped being only of practical use. They help you to see and read, yes. But over the years, they became more than that. Glasses not only shape your face, they also shape your style. Choosing the way you look is choosing who you want to be. Dare to look outside the box and get inspired by daring frames and designs. The glasses, as well as the boxes, will prove to be elegant, bold, stylish and fun.

Our team

Investing in quality is a choice. That’s what puts Aptica one step ahead of other brands. Quality shouldn’t have a higher price tag. In addition to the guaranteed quality, our team is inspired by natural colors, materials and shapes for the designs. We provide products and services by real people, for real people. All our products are hand-made to ensure an impeccable level of finish. We take care of your eyes with the same quality and dedication as we take care of you as our customer.

Protect yourself from blue light

On average, we spend six hours a day in front of screens such as smartphones, tablets, computer screens and televisions. The result? Eyestrain, general fatigue and headaches. Why? The blue light emitted by screens is of a high intensity and a short wavelength. On the UV spectrum, it is located right after UV light, well known to be damaging to living tissue in your skin. Aptica is the first company in the world to include blue blocking lenses in all its glasses, ensuring the right protection for your eyes at all times.

Become part of the Aptica family

Do you want to become part of the Aptica experience? You can. Aptica embraces that everyone deserves the best eye-wellness and personalised service. Order your favorite designs and be amazed by the quality of the designs and innovative boxes that accompany them.

Be fun, be bold, be Aptica!