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Centerfold Round - Silver

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Always a little bit wary about buying sunglasses that cost more than a cup of coffee? Are you a person who's constantly dropping, scratching, or throwing your shades unprotected because the case was too unwieldy. Discover now the Aptica Centerfold and your sunglass game will change forever.

With folding sunnies, you don't have to sacrifice style or personality. 

If you're sick of scratching your lenses or regularly leaving your shades on restaurant tables and park benches, folding sunglasses might be the perfect solution for you. 

You will have a much harder time scratching or destroying your folding sunglasses. They fold up into a delightfully small package, which makes them easier to safely store in a pocket or pouch. It's also nice to minimize the amount of bulk in your purse, bag or pocket.